11 Things about me! …

37889_406191843001_850086_n 1 – I have over twentyfive years experience in starting, running and managing various businesses.

2 – I am a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate as well as a Gold and Silver Medal European Champion.

3 – I am an experienced Self Defence teacher with over ten years of classes and seminars for men, women and children.

4 – I am currently also, managing part-time an incredible business with over fifty staff that needs daily motivation, guidance and inspiration.

5 – I am a passionate (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner & Trainer, Hypnotist and Mind Coach.

6 – I have met the most wonderful, inspiring people and made some of my closest friends, since my life and the way I perceived things changed in 2009.

7 – I have a passionate interest in all aspects of health, for mind, body and spirit.

8 – I have not eaten red meat since I was 19 and I now follow a vegan diet for health and ethical reasons.

9 – I visualise and meditate daily for my mental and spiritual health.

10 – I paint on extra large colourful canvases in my spare time.

11 – I have just finished writing my debut fantasy novel, looking for agents, starting on the next and loving every minute of it!!