Dont underestimate me…..

Have you ever said or secretly thought this?

If you are anything like me and…simply human… I am sure you have!
We have all felt at some point pre-judged, misunderstood and like a presumption has been made about us. In fact, maybe you have even made a presumption about someone else!
Is this possible? 🙂
From experience I have found that being wrong is such a RIGHT thing!
The more I discover new ways of looking at things and new beliefs the more my world opens up. The less I presume about others including myself the more I surprise myself!
It’s win win!

It was through my ‘lowest moments’ that I developed my spirit and realized how powerful I am. Now, thanks to these moments I KNOW I can achieve anything I really put my mind too and the same is true for you.

If you really want something it can be yours. It simply depends on how much you want it!

Life is unpredictable – full stop. This is the fundamental truth we all must learn to accept.

In this acceptance, lies our true strength. I may have stumbled a bit but I got back up.

You have to believe, you have to know… that no matter what, you will overcome and be stronger for it. The greater the difficulty the sweeter and grander the victory.
Use it as fuel for your fire, to pursue your passion.

Be a warrior and fight for your right to shine fully and show your light.

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Keep up that warrior spirit…

In the kind’time enjoy the journey!
Danielle xxx

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