So…. it is done 🙂

Finally I have officially moved to the sunny south-east of Wexford!

And…ehhhh as they say…A Change is as good as a rest! Well, it will be in a few days lol. Right now I actually just need to rest.  Days of packing and unpacking have left me shattered.

Still, I do very much agree with the philosophy. Change is good. It shakes the status quo up a notch. It refreshes your surroundings. It stimulates your senses.

And my senses are certainly stimulated in my new environment! My ears, eyes and nose are on overdrive! I have bunnies playing outside my door first thing in the morning, birds chirping away and the smell of herbs wafting in through the windows.

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So far I have seen rabbits, foxes, badgers, some other little creature like a stoat I think and many, many birds including red kites!

The outside is calling me. Nature is present with a bang. It’s like that scene in Snow White when she is cleaning the house and all the animals help! (Except I haven’t quite figured out yet how to get them to help me…. maybe its my singing or…whistling skills?)

Here’s the actual clip for you! It’s fun! 😉

Anyhow, we know that nature and being outdoors is good for us. I certainly can feel the benefits starting to kick in.

In fact Gregory Bratman, a Stanford University Graduate found in his studies, that people who went for a 90 minute walk amongst nature reported experiencing less morbid thoughts than those who had walked along a busy street for the same amount of time.

The study showed that taking the time to wander in nature can in fact change your brain in ways that make you happier! Here is a very interesting article on this HERE!

For me, it’s simple…

How often do you really take time out for yourself? How often do you immerse yourself in pleasurable activities that stimulate your senses?

How often do you make the decision to put yourself first and take care of yourself?

Walk amongst nature. Change your routine, Re wire those old limiting neural pathways!

Make the decision today to believe you CAN change your brain. It will thank you!

Again if you want scientific verification, studies have shown that every time you push out of your comfort zone to learn something new and what you thought may have been difficult, the neurons in your brain will form new, stronger connections, and over time they can get even get smarter. Win Win!

So you see …..Change is good 😉

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Keep dreaming big,

Danielle xx

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