Once upon a time… there were a couple of clever men (with a passion for delving into the mind) who noticed something strange…. they noticed an unusual pattern. They noticed that troubled people who went to particular ‘teachers’ were becoming happier and having a more fulfilling life after talking to them.

The two men watched closely and observed the similarities, noting all the systems, particulars and strategies that these teachers used naturally and spontaneously to build rapport, influence, persuade and ultimately to get such phenomenal results.

They studied their notes, started experimenting and soon were creating new magnificent lives for all around them! They had mastered how to use both their physical and non-verbal language to easily convince people how to change their minds….

These notes turned into what’s best known now as Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Imagine if… YOU had the power to influence people’s minds?

Imagine if… it is possible to use certain words to trigger hypnotic reactions.

Now imagine… that as well as verbally you could do this in writing? 😉

You may not believe this can actually happen, but I’m here to tell you that it can, because over your lifetime you’ve been hypnotized unaware to accept certain trigger words.
The process started even before you could talk!

You might not ever suspect that these hypnotic words can hold such power because they are so simple – But when you start to use them consciously and correctly, they will explode your influential powers of persuasion!

So… I have already used six of them to keep you reading 😉 plus probably the BIGGEST hypnotic trick in the book…. do you know what it is?

Imagine you did know….

Yes you got it ….the first one is IMAGINE…

Why is this so good?

Because it by-passes and sneaks past your critical mind and goes straight to the fun task of playing, fantasising, having some fun with your unconscious mind!

You see once in here, in this part, the unconscious – it cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined. So as far as your brain is concerned, there’s no difference between visualizing it and it being reality. This is very powerful!

Seen as your unconscious is what rules you and all your decisions, it makes sense to stimulate it right? Simple.

Oh yes…So..the other 5 things and the BIGGEST Hypnosis trick (used above)…??

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