My 1st post & why I started all this Self Development ‘stuff’…

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Planting the Seed for Growth . . .

Hello world . . .

This being my very first post, I thought it relevant to start with why I have created this site.

A few years back my life took a sudden turn down a different path. At the time I felt that this was the worst, most inconceivable thing that could happen to me, that my life was ‘ruined’, that everything I had done and worked hard to achieve had been for nothing… but I was wrong, very wrong. You have probably heard some lovely, positive, inspiring quotes, like my favourite one . . .

“Without a little rain there would be no rainbow”

Well . . .
actually, sometimes, this can feel like a load of rubbish. The kind of phrase one uses to pep themselves up, the kind of patronising clueless jargon that people use to try to make you feel better, the kind of philosophy that works for other people but never for you. I used to think that. I heard stuff like this time and time again when my life hit rock bottom in 2009. Well meaning people, trying their hardest to cheer me up and help me to see some light at the end of the tunnel. But it didn’t work. What they said just didn’t seem to sink in or have any uplifting results. That was then.

Now . . .
its very different. What changed? My mentality. I became aware of my thought patterns and processes. I took back control and decided to no longer be a victim to my own mind!

Learning this is like an art-form.

I am an artist among many other things, and love to paint big, bright bold canvases full of colour and life affirming images. Learning to master your mind is just like that.

You learn the basics, the key principles, and then you can start to play, to visualise and ultimately to create the rest of your wonderful life with it. Like any art-form it takes passion, dedication, authenticity and congruency.

Ultimately you have to take ownership of your own Mind and mastering it is an on going, enlightening and exciting journey. Like any true ‘expert’, we know that we are never Masters. There is always something more to learn.

This is the purpose of this blog – for me to pass on to you what I have learnt so far, and in so doing continue to always learn more myself.

Thank you in advance for your help and much appreciated feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you,