Yes…check your’re alive, right? 

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What are you doing right now?

I am sitting here writing this and pondering life,
and how brief a moment it is.

Today is a sad day. The earthquake in Italy shook me also.


It shook me inside as I scrambled to check my family was safe.
They are … thankfully, but it shook my core anyhow and my heart breaks for the other families.

Today also, my best friend also mourns. It is one year on from unimaginable tragedy. My thoughts are with her and her family x

What do you do with all this sadness?

I find it humbles me. Brings me back to reality with a bang.
It shows me how easily our little flame can be snuffed out.

So…  what can you do?

We are all leaving the same way.
BUT.. for now…. you CAN…

Appreciate the moment, our loved ones, our friends, our fellow inhabitants of this earth and all of us creatures on it.
You can celebrate a life, yours now and others, even those who have left us. Talk about them, laugh remembering them, share the memories with others. Keep them alive in your heart, your words, your smile, your alive’ness.

For me that is being respectful to others that have moved on before me.
That is respecting their lives and my own.
Taking it for granted is simply not being aware of the gift you have been given.

You can DECIDE that today will be special.

Once you make the conscious decision your unconscious will follow. You have a choice to make this time right now count.

Breathe in and notice how your incredible body just works for you.
How often do you stop and notice how incredible you are?
Notice this gift you have been given.
This ‘life’…..

Are you simply existing or are you living to the full?
Are you being an active participator in your own existence?

How about you DO that today.
Show your ‘alive’ness’.

Imagine what could change if you DO that for the rest of your existence……

Imagine if you realized what a privilege it is to be here.
Imagine if you were excited to show your full potential and explode into the complete person you were always meant to be?

What are you wating for??

THIS IS the special occasion.
Enjoy it.

Danielle x 

Your Mind & Life Coach & NLP Trainer

Wicklow, Wexford, Dublin, Ireland, Worldwide.
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