Are you energy efficient?

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Yesterday myself and my partner decided to go on an impromptu road trip.
We just took off, drove and somehow ended up in the North of Ireland!

Anyhow, we had fun and chilled out, something we both really needed to do.

After a lovely lunch in a hotel, we walked through the gardens and admired the view and the foliage. A row of little trees caught my eye with their unusual spiral trunks.

“How do they do that?” I pondered aloud.
“I guess they put a pole in the middle and wrap the weak sapling around it when its young…” Said my partner.
“Wow, its amazing how it adapts to the obstacle!” I answered, and it got me thinking……

How do we adapt to obstacles put in our way?
How do you deal with adversity when you find it before you?

I discovered trees and plants always take the easiest route and always default back towards the sunshine as quickly as possible.
They take the most energy efficient route even if that means incorporating foreign objects into their trunks. They simply grow where there is available space, cell by cell – each cell not being able to ‘see’ the obstacle in the way.

Here are some AMAZING images of how nature does this! 

What would happen if you decided to live life this way?

What would happen if next time you came across an obstacle
you simply took the next available space – without pause –
and then redirected your head back up towards the sun?

Would your life be different?
In fact, would your life (your ‘trunk’) end up being more beautiful?

* Remember NOTHING natural is straight.
* Anything ALIVE has curves, twists and bends.

That is what is so beautiful!
That is living…..

Embrace the curves, encompass the obstacles and point your head back towards the sun as quick as you can. It really is the most energy efficient way!

Keep dreaming big and enjoy the journey along the way!
Danielle x 

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HERE are some more AMAZING images of nature overcoming adversity 😉

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