Are you just like the monkey?

 Are you just like the monkey?

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The way to catch a monkey is to use a small box with an opening big enough for him to slide his hand in. Inside you have a few nuts.

When he grabs it he forms a fist and wont let go.


With his hand in a fist the opening is now too small to get his hand out and so he is left with a choice – either let go of the nuts in order to escape before the captors come or risk being caught. Unfortunately often they are.

Now, you probably know by now I am a MAJOR animal lover, so I am not promoting ways to catch these beautiful souls, I just wonder are you like them, even more than you think?

You see we all have a habit of wanting to hold on to things, ideas, old beliefs, our usual ways, circumstances and material stuff.

We are afraid of the uncertainty and the great ‘unknown’.
We are not sure what the future may bring so we often refuse to change,
even if it is more detrimental to stay the same….

A lot of this boils down to psychology and our wonderful instilled biases and beliefs –

Such as Loss Biass.

We got those nuts and were gonna hang on to them no matter what!
You must be kidding! I’m not giving them back now!

Just like your …. job, your relationships, your body, your routine.
Its habitual, its comfortable, its yours…. but is it the best thing for you?

Often we fear the big things because we are vividly IMAGINING the worst outcome, so we do nothing. Yet, we still sit at home allowing the silent killers to take hold – smoking, eating, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling jobs….

You carry around the weight of your box and all you hold in it, even if it slows you down, even if it is slowly killing you….

But…. what if you understood more about how you ‘tick’ and you hence knew a way to change these limiting beliefs?

What if you had less fear in your life and more excitement?
What if you knew that your full potential was only a mindset away?

Would you then Embrace Change more?

I am delighted to be speaking at the Conscious Living group about this
on Tuesday eve 2nd Feb and would love you to join me.

And, how about really stepping out of your box and Embracing Change
and coming on a transformational journey next Sat 6th February
at my next Blackbelt Mastermind Bootcamp!
HERE is what previous people said 🙂

I promise you will really enjoy….

Come on… free that Monkey !! 🙂

Danielle x

Your Life & Mind Coach & NLP Trainer –

Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland & worldwide through Skype!

PS: As always you know I love to hear from you, so get in touch!

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