NLP Coaching for Business

coaching for business, plan and goal setting, motivation

What I do is . . .

Work with your business,
so as to establish clear business goals and a business plan
which will help you realize a new and more useful way of ‘thinking’.

Many clients avail of coaching mainly so as to gain greater clarity and focus and end up saying that they got so much more than that!

What you will leave with is a new and much more productive and creative way of thinking and communicating. This new thinking, leads you to be much more resourceful and ultimately to have more success in your business.

It also tends to reflect greatly on your life as a whole.

Coaching teaches you how to work primarily ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business. Small to medium business owners often feel overwhelmed, overworked and burnt-out as they try to multi-task and figure out how to improve their business profits and turnover, and juggle staff, morale and day to day life.

Coaching offers a safe and confidential environment in which you can explore objectively, business challenges and possibilities. I as your Coach will be your sounding board and will help you acquire new perspectives.

I utilize the basis of my M.A.S.T.E.R System [TM] from my book The Blackbelt Mastermind, so as to help you and your team reach Masterful Attitude Strength and Tenacity Equals Results!

What I offer is 1 to 1 Coaching or alternatively Coaching with your team.

Team Business Courses are available worldwide:

1-1 Mentoring for SME Business

2 Hour Workshop – Motivate your team!

  • By learning the skill of artful questions, becoming aware of your decision making strategies and understanding how to self motivate yourself.

1 Day Motivation Bootcamp!

  • Help your business get its Mojo back.
  • Inspire your team to action and get a new and more productive Mind-set.

3 Day NLP for Business and your team

  • Learn a whole new language and way of thinking and communicating.
  • Learn the art of body language, communications, sales and negotiating.
  • Discover a more resourceful way of using your brain to get results!
  • Enjoy a fun 3 days filled with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) skills,
    hypnosis and the most cutting edge techniques,
    resulting in a new and more connected, inspired and motivated team.

5 Day ‘Ultimate Blackbelt for Business’ Course

  • Discover all the secrets the NLP gurus use that can transform your team and your business.
  • Learn the art of communication and using artful questions and how to think outside the box.
  • Cover the principles of ‘Masterful Attitude Strength and Tenacity Equals Results’,
    and catapult your business to success!

7 Day Licenced NLP Practitioner

  • Become a Certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner with the BEST in the world!
  • Courses available in Dublin & Italy

The benefits of becoming a certified
Neuro Linguistic Practitioner

An NLP Practitioner is able to study what an individual is doing at both the conscious and the unconscious levels, and then to either:

  • replace unhelpful behaviours with another, or
  • “install” useful behaviours into others and themselves.

NLP was initially devised to help in therapy which is why it is regularly used to cure phobias, decrease anxiety, reduce stress and overcome neuroses. However, the ability to identify the ways that people are thinking and feeling and ethically make changes in those states also makes it ideal for business.

Richard Bandler (the co founder) started studying the ways that great communicators in the world of business got their message across, how people motivate themselves and others, how people present more effectively and powerfully persuade. These skills, too, he realized, were transferable.

Here are just a few ways in which NLP is being used in a business context right now:

  • NLP approaches communication on many levels. Employers worldwide already see the benefit of developing interpersonal skills with emotional intelligence training including principles that recognize and use powerful language patterns to empower. It also includes training to make the most of the non-verbal sides of communication – how to fine-tune your senses and be more sensitive to others in order to achieve successful outcomes.
  • NLP isn’t just about improving the individual employee, it’s designed to make you a better manager because you are more tuned in to your staff and more aware of the way that you are communicating.
  • Very often people are unaware of the assumptions they make in the language they use and are thus unaware of how those assumptions make other people feel. Shifting the way you communicate can make people feel more at ease, happier and more motivated. All of these benefits feed into the running of the company, making people feel more valued and committed to their workplace and their colleagues.
  • Leadership is also enhanced by enabling you to properly work out and communicate your vision for the business and its staff. This positively affects morale and productivity.
  • NLP can change long term behavioral patterns – in the workplace, colleagues understand each other better and are more equipped to respond adequately to each others’ and customers’ needs and desires. Home relationships retrieve a sense of meaningful dialogue and a new kind of perception. Obviously, well functioning relationships are vital to the success of any business or personal life.
  • Utilizing all or a combination of NLP techniques will lead to greater confidence and presence, maximizing you ability to communicate more concisely, identify and be clear about what really matters to you and create compelling goals.
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