Licensed NLP Practitioner Training: Tuscany, Italy

NLP Practitioner Certified Training Italy

The Tuscan NLP Practitioner Retreat
Tuscany, Italy – near Montepulciano!

Your NLP Practitioner starts HERE!


June 22nd to June 29th, 2021


Montepulciano, ITALY


€2,487 – €4,487


A 7 Day Retreat into
your deepest dreams and your unconscious mind
so as to discover your true ‘reality’.

  • In an exclusive Villa in the Tuscan Countryside!!!
  • Exclusive Private Villa with Pool,
  • Price INCLUDES Accommodation & Board!
  • Special outings planned to incredible destinations
  • plus the spectacular Flower Festival in Citta della Pieve!!

Your Host & Trainer is Danielle Serpico. An Irish/Italian who is fluent and familiar with language, culture and surroundings.

Get your Qualification and Certification with the Society of NLP, while experiencing an incredible journey and transformation in the most beautiful of settings.

An eye opening holiday and learning experience you will always remember!

Mastering the Art of designing your own dreams and beliefs
and creating the life you want.

Your beliefs become your thought,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.


A Journey of Discovery

Sometimes what we believe is not always the truth – and yet – to us, it may seem so.

What we believe is simply our ‘map’, our way in which we see and perceive the world.

Becoming aware of this and learning how to open your mind to new possibilities and perspectives can be a very enlightening and hugely powerful experience.

Realising that we often hold on, unbeknownst to ourselves, to negative and limiting beliefs, allows us instead to analyse them. We can then decide if they are useful or beneficial and ultimately affords us the potential to just let them go.

This results in huge growth and change, resulting in a new, brighter and more open and creative mind.

Imagine . . .
how would life be different for you, with the skills, ability and confidence to look at every challenge face on knowing you are in control?

What could you do differently, once you have the knowledge that you will succeed and have all the resources you need already within you?

NLP Practitioner Certified Training ItalyNLP Practitioner Certified Training ItalyNLP Practitioner Certified Training ItalyNLP Practitioner Certified Training ItalyNLP Practitioner Certified Training Italy

You will . . .

  • Have more confidence
  • Self Belief
  • Motivation
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Negotiation & Influence Skills
  • Body language & Rapport Skills
  • Improved relationships
  • Control over your emotions
  • More Happiness!
  • A HUGE advantage, perspective and understanding of HOW your brain works!
  • This gives you an edge over your competitors in business, an advantage in sales and a head start to forming wonderful relationships in all aspects of your life.

Prepare yourself for a whole NEW Map of the world!

What could you now do with this?

Here’s what you will learn on
your 7 Day Blackbelt Mastermind NLP Practitioner Course . . .


  • What is NLP and the basic Assumptions of the NLP Model.
  • How we look at our ‘map’ of the world & understanding the NLP Process for Change.
  • Our Representational Systems and understanding language, communication and behaviour.
  • Sub Modalities – What they are, how we use them and how to spot them / Eye Accessing Cues.
  • How to overcome self-sabotage and our critical voice – Learning about visualising and becoming aware of our images.
  • What is the difference between being associated or disassociated and how it can change your state.
  • Modelling and how we can ‘step’ into others shoes and ‘Fool proof’ Planning.


  • Well – formed Goals and understanding how to elicit desired states.
  • What is Rapport and the various ways of matching.
  • Anchoring and the many ways it can be used to trigger a specific response or state.
  • The Meta Model – Asking the right questions for information gathering and for changing impoverished mind-sets and ‘maps’ of the world.


  • Becoming aware of our Strategies and how we plan, make decisions and move towards or away from pain – The Visual Squash Exercise.
  • Breaking down Beliefs with the Meta Model questions and noticing deletions, distortions and generalizations.
  • Beliefs and Sub- Modalities – Belief Change Pattern & Swish Pattern.


  • Altered States and Hypnosis and developing your skills of Trance.
  • Inductions and the various patterns and ways that will help.
  • Trance deepening techniques with the Milton Model.
  • Indirect Elicitation Patterns/ Presuppositions/ Metaphors.


  • Rapid Inductions and Pattern Interrupts – The Handshake Interrupt.
  • Becoming super aware of states and Sub-nomalities.
  • How using breathing and ‘Buttons & Levers’ in your mind can help change your state.
  • How change can be fast – Fast Phobia Cure and disassociation.


  • Stacking Anchors and Chaining/ linking.
  • How to change personal history and how to see your future.
  • Goals & Pushing past limitations thresholds.
  • Timelines – Where is your past or your future and how to step into it.


Putting it all together with fun and games and seeing the big picture!

The course is very interactive and requires you to be an active participant – this way you get the most from the training!

At the end of this you will be Certified, Accredited and recognised Worldwide as a Blackbelt Mastermind NLP Practitioner!

Your certificate will be co signed Danielle Serpico, your NLP Trainer and by Dr.Richard Bandler himself, the co-creator of NLP!

You will be accredited with the original and best, The Society of NLP!

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Book onto this 7 Day Retreat into your deepest dreams and your unconscious mind so you can discover your true ‘reality’.


Details of Venue, exact location, and accommodation arrangements to be confirmed individually.

Price does NOT include travel to Italy or to the Villa location – local pick-up from train station can be provided.

Most general meals provided in the villa (exceptions are when eating out)

Timetable and details to follow on booking.

Travel details /more information to follow.

Payment Options available on request.