Are some of us following the Dodo’s path?

It has been widely assumed that the Dodo bird became flightless, mainly because of abundant food sources and not too many predators on the island of Mauritius where it once lived.

Then, after it had lost its ability to fly, it was sadly preyed upon by hungry sailors, their domesticated animals, and other invasive species, introduced to the little island during that time.
Their extinction was slow, uneventful and not immediately noticed….the only prevailing memory and its well known reputation, is that of it being a little dim.

I wonder are some of us following the Dodo’s path?

Is our greed and comfort in the familiar and the abundantly disposable, clouding our judgement and ability to spot the the clear signs of our destruction?

Has what is safe and familiar to us become our imminent downfall?

Are our comfortable surroundings slowly clipping away at our wings and our ability to soar?

Our actions and this includes our in- actions, always have consequences, so…
pay careful attention to where your life is leading you.

If you don’t want to follow the Dodo’s path, step out of the familiar, spread your wings and explore all the amazing abundance that the rest of this world has to offer also…

To your flight!
Danielle x

Your Mastermind Coach