It’s only the start of the New Year and 2017 … but…  are you halfway to quitting already?

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day and I decided to walk up to the top of Mount Leinster. From there you can see five counties I am told.

I was enthusiastic setting off but when I parked and stepped out of the car the wind nearly carried me off the nearby cliff. I struggled on determined to get up that hill, but the wind was fierce! By the time I got half way my ears were throbbing, my chest heaving and my cheeks were burnt with the wind. I sheltered behind a boulder and thought about turning back. It was VERY cold!

But I didn’t. I buried my head in my scarf, tucked in my chin and marched on. In fact after that point it got easier and the wind seemed to ease a little.

At the summit of my little peak I did a victory dance. I felt on top of the world! 😉

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I thought to myself mmm what’s the lesson here?

The half-way point can sometimes be the hardest. This is when your mind starts playing tricks with you – sabotaging your attempts. ‘Sure what’s the point?…Why bother? It’s waaaay too cold!’, it cries.

Instead, I shut that churlish voice out at that half-way point and I made a decision to reward myself for reaching the top instead. I chose a hot chocolate and I played this out in my mind while walking up that hill, imagining the pleasure I would feel when back home and snuggled by the fire, toasting my toes and sipping my yummy chocolatey drink. The cold and the wind made the enjoyment of being warm after so much more powerful. I was driven by this and raced back down anticipating my treat.

How about you also give this a go? 😉

Want to achieve something this year? Have a New Year’s resolutions in mind?

Then…. visualize the end result – imagine the reward with all your senses.

See it, feel it, hear it, smell it and taste it! 

And the biggest tip…. what is your WHY? 

My ‘why’ is to really FEEl ALIVE. To feel like I have done my best and been present along the way. To have no regrets and to live a life of integrity and purpose. This is what makes me truly feel good.

I said to myself half way up, ‘Danielle, this is your year to shine. Break through any of that c**p that pops up in your head. Shut it up fast and replace it with something better!’

This is my New Year’s resolution. To break through my own self imposed limitations and to keep growing stronger and stronger. To step outside my comfort zone.

To feel the fear and do it anyway!

That’s why…soon… I will be jumping out of a plane! Yep, that’s right, I booked it and yea… I am mad! lol (to be continued!)

So what is your ‘Why’?

Why do you really want to achieve that goal this year?

Ask yourself how will you feel when you achieve it.

If it gives you goosebumps then it’s the right thing to do 😉

Go dream big and enjoy the journey along the way!

Happy New Year,

Danielle xxx

Your Mind Coach & NLP Trainer!

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