“How do I live after that?”

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This is what I asked myself after listening to the final words the man spoke on the program I watched last night.

Alex nodded his head and said, “It’s incredible to think how far we’ve come. I’ve gone from being minutes from death to being blissfully happy. You can’t look back, especially when we’ve so much to look forward to.

I happened to watch a Channel Four Documentary last night (here is an article about it) and ended up with tears streaming down my face. Normally, I don’t like to watch what I call ‘depressing stuff’ but I flicked onto it by chance and in some way I felt it was an insult not to listen to what he had to say. After all I could see he had been through a lot. He deserved at least this gesture of respect and not to be flicked off so flippantly.

I want to express my sincerity here when I say his story has touched me deeply.

It is hard to believe but this man Alex Lewis lost all his limbs to a tragic illness and still says he “owes the illness a lot.

I have been thinking  all day about what he said. After all he went through, all the pain, suffering, fear and unimaginable stuff that I cannot even begin to conceive… he says he is “blissfully happy.”

I heard what he had to say and I get it. Loud and clear.

We, or at least most certainly I, do not appreciate life enough and what we have.

He reminded me, amidst all my ‘everyday’ problems that life is a gift and we really should cherish it. It is sad that sometimes we have to have something so tragic befall us before we realize this. I think Alex is sharing this with us so we ‘get it’ right now…

I am getting it and I will keep it in mind daily.

Thank you Alex for that x

I will appreciate this gift called LIFE and enjoy every moment of it!

Danielle x


 P.S: Do your good deed for today and send him a donation towards his prosthetic legs http://www.alex-lewis.co.uk/