The simple way to success!

We often hear people say things such as…
‘I try everything, but nothing seems to work!’ or ‘no matter how hard I work I just cant seem to succeed!’

Have you noticed how for some people it all seems to flow so easily and naturally?
Have you noticed what the difference may be??
Well someone did.

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Napoleon Hill spent over twenty years studying thousands of hugely successful individuals and recorded his findings in a book called ‘Think and grow Rich’.
A super book which I highly recommend you read.

Richard Bandler and John Grinder also later studied people who were successful in their field at creating positive change in others, and from their findings they founded a system called Neuro Linguistic Programming.(NLP)

I was very lucky to have the opportunity to study under Richard Bandler and have the privilege of gaining some of this knowledge.

Below, are some of what I consider the key elements to help you create the life you desire. Experience has shown that even if you follow only one of these points,
your life will suddenly take on a whole new and exciting direction….

Tip 1 – (In my opinion the MOST important!)

Imagine what your dream life would be like.
Relax in a quiet space, close your eyes and visualise the life you want.
Imagine yourself actually there. Bring all your senses into this.
See what it would be like – what are you doing?
Hear the sounds around you – what do you hear?
Feel whatever you may feel – internally and externally. How does your body feel, what emotions are you experiencing?
What can you smell and what can you taste?
Make it as big and bold and bright as you possibly can.
Bring as much details and specifics into it as you can.
Do this every day, when you wake and most importantly before you go to sleep.
Do this even if you find it hard at first, it will become easier.
But do it EVERY day until you are actually there.

Tip 2 – Find your life purpose.

What would you do if you could not fail?
What would you do for free, if money was no object?
What gives you shivers down your spine?
This is your life purpose.
You may not have a clear plan, YET, how to achieve it, but if you are following step one, your unconscious will figure out the plan for you very soon.
Once you know what your life purpose is, it becomes easier.
You never again have to work a day in your life!

Tip 3 – Set a deadline and an exact plan in action.

Buy a really nice diary and a lovely pen.
Write in big bold letters what you ARE IN THE PROCESS OF ACHIEVING.
Put down as much specifics as you can.
How much money you want to have. Where you want to be living. What you want to be doing. Who do you want with you.
Set a dead line by which you will have it. An exact date.
Then break down this dead line into smaller chunks.
So, say your plan is to be living in Italy, writing your second successful novel and pruning your sunflowers by May 2015. Break the in between into smaller chunks working backwards.
May 2014 – 1st Novel goes to print.
May 2013 – Completed unfinished novel.
January 2013 – Fill in all the space in between. Each month, week, day….
The more detail you can fill in the better.

Tip 4 – Repeat, repeat, repeat your Mantra!

When you know your purpose in life and where you want to go, then simply
say it out loud. (It is vital you say it out loud).
Say it when you wake and before sleeping and at all other times that it is possible without people thinking you are crazy!
It could be as simple as the well known, ‘everyday I am getting better in every way’ mantra,
however I recommend you create your own.
Say, what it is you want to achieve, by what date and how wonderfully you are going to achieve it.
As you say it, bring up as much emotion and passion as you can.
The more you can visualize and imagine as you say it, the better.

Tip 5 – Use your time wisely.
Stop procrastinating and wasting your precious time.
Learn how to use it productively.
As outlined in Tip 2, break down your goal as much as possible.
Every day, write out what you are going to achieve today.
Break this down to the most important tasks and the most beneficial to you.
Remove all other distractions while you do these tasks, such as phones, email alerts, etc, etc.

Tip 6 – Use your ‘you’ time wisely also.
Often the same people that seem to get nothing done are the ones that seem to be working the hardest!
Take regular time out! It is a proven fact that people who take regular breaks are more productive, so you can actually work less!
Exercise daily and get some fresh air.
Take a deep breath, expanding your tummy not your shoulders, and hold it for a few seconds before exhaling. Do this very time you become aware of your breathing.
Eat healthily and consciously. Your body will thank you and reward you with more energy for thinking of it!

Tip 7 – Keep a positive attitude.
In NLP terms we call it, ‘changing your brain juice.’
If you have a negative thought, change it.
Smile, even if you dont feel like it, your brain wont know the difference!
Change your physiology. Change your posture, pull back your shoulders and hold your head up.
Look up. Again your brain wont know your tricking it and will reward you with some lovely endorphins.
Think of something for which you are grateful for. In fact write out a list of at least ten things you are happy to have. Any time you are feeling down do this.

Tip 8 – Never give up.
The fact is that most people who fail were only one teeny weeny step away from success.
We also store within us a much bigger supply of courage and perseverance then many of us actually perceive. Keep going, looking up and visualising the end result, no matter what.
If you follow the above points then this should be a lot easier.

But in the mean time I will leave you with this…. (-;

To your success!

How about you join me on my next 1 Day Bootcamp or NLP Training & learn all this for yourself? 🙂

Your Mind Coach,
Danielle x