So why did I brand myself as The Blackbelt MasterMind?

Yes, it was because I have a Martial Arts background – hence the Blackbelt part. And the MasterMind? Yes, of course it had to have Mind in there somewhere as I am your Mind Coach but one of the defining moments in my life was reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It simply made sense!

I had been in a bad place a short while previously and I was very much in the ‘okay, let’s take action,’ mode! I started to associate myself with like minded people. People just like me, who wanted a better life and believed there was a way to get it. By better I mean many things, in the inside and the outer world.

I stretched out of my comfort zone and started to meet a number of wonderful, crazy individuals, one of which was the most extraordinary woman called Marina Nani. She exuded life and vitality. Her endless energy never ceased to astound me. We spent a lot of time together and with some wonderful brainstorming – or should I call it MasterMinding, I came up with the title of my book which then on became my brand!

So, why am I telling you this?

Because the act of surrounding myself with these wonderful folk, helped shape my future.

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I felt better inside. I was inspired, motivated and of course it helps to have enthusiastic people to bounce ideas off – rather than the usual …. ‘ah you can’t do that!’, ‘that won’t work’, ‘maybe you should stick to what you’re good at’, ‘you sure you’re not getting to big for your boots?‘…..  typical response we get off many people we know.

Know what I mean??


So… anyhow eventually I thought…’Well it helped me, so let’s see what it can do for others!‘, and I set up The Dublin MasterMind Group – which now has nearly 1,000 members!

A mastermind group is there to help you through your everyday challenges with the help of others perspectives and insights. Sometimes we need a third party to see the wood from the trees.

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The following is what I believe are some of the benefits of joining a MasterMind group;



* You will feel part of a gang, tribe, community. This is an ESSENTIAL psychological need we all have. It helps us unconsciously feel ‘safe’.

* You will feel like you belong, because you are surrounded by other like minded folk. Now you are not only surrounded by others but by others like you. Another unconscious bias we have to being like others.

You will feel accepted. You won’t be judged! No idea is too big, grandiose or over inflated. Yes, of course we will discuss the practicality BUT this is your safe place to dream big.

You will think BIGGER! Of course you will. With all the others influencing you with their ideas, what was previously big will now seem easy. Your comfort zone will have stretched!

You will have advisors. Everyone is there to help. That is one of the key fundamentals of any good MasterMind group.

You will have accountability partners. A common implementation in a group and a GREAT way to help you get things done!

Your mind will expand as you learn new things. Yup, all these crazy, forward thinking people will help you learn new stuff as will you them 😉

Your network will grow. Friendships will be made and wonderful networking will take place. Recommendations will start to come your way and people will begin coming out of the woodwork looking for your services.

Make it your business to join a MasterMind Group today and watch your life explode in leaps and bounds! If you’re anywhere near Dublin come join us HERE!

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The next Dublin MasterMind Meetup is happening on the 6th October at 7pm.




I would love to meet you there,

keep dreaming big,

Danielle xx

Your Mind & Life Coach and NLP Trainer

Find me now also @ DanielleSerpico