No words…..

‘I have no words’… This is what I have been saying this past while, over and over –

A couple of months ago to my best friend and an incomprehensible tragedy. Last week to a very special friend and client of mine and now this past weekend messaging friends and family and checking they are safe after hearing about the trouble in Paris.

All three have something in common. A common theme, so to speak.


Not a nice subject – and one not easy to talk about, to say the least.

In fact what do you say?

I am rarely lost for words but this past while has had me speechless and mumbling over and over the words…..’I dont know what to say’….. But I have been thinking.

Im not going to patronise anyone with attempts at positivity or comforting words. In fact I think I will speak honestly and buntly for death deserves at least that. I dont really know what I am about to say and I fear my words in advance because my emotions are in turmoil, just like my friends.

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Because just like my friends I think death sucks.

Its literally sucks.It sucks the life out of not just who is gone but those who remain. We are left dumfounded, shellshocked and grieving. It is the ultimate blow, the final strike, the worst and most heartbreaking thing that can happen. We all know it will happen to us or our loved ones at some point and we ‘try’ and prepare, but when it comes it shakes eveything we believed, everything we thought we stood for.

And yes, it has affected me too. It has me thinking, attempting to put my jumbled thoughts into words and this is what I have come up with.

You are here for a short while. Some of us more and some of us less, but while you are here you have a choice. You can allow your inner world to ‘die’ right now and let your body or faith catch up or you can choose to live, fully.

You can live your life for as long as you escape that rapidly approaching final moment and in this time you can honour those who left before you. You can keep them alive in your thoughts and prayers and your heart. You can tell others about them and their wonderful uniqueness, just like you would want others to talk about you.

martin luther nlp training courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermindYou can stand up for what you believe in. For what is right, for kindness, for love, for compassion.

You can make a difference to the lives of those passed and those still living.

You can honour their souls and their lives just like you would want someone to stand up and fight for you.



Its not going to be easy but if you feel love for someone then you have what it takes, and most of all… you are NOT alone.

I am with you and so are the millions others whose hearts are now aching.

This life is bitter sweet and sometimes just does not make sense, in fact sometimes it just seems cruel, heartless and evil.

This is when you and I have to breathe deep, close our eyes, remember who we loved and what they would want for us.

That is the answer. You got it.

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Danielle x 

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