Once upon a New Years Resolution…

Once upon a time.... dreams nlp mentor trainer courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermind

“There was a little, but always cranky girl.

Everything was bad for her. If it wasn’t ‘not enough toys’ it was ‘the gifts she was getting were wrong’.


She wished to meet an enchantress that would turn her life into a fairy tale.

One day an enchantress came to the little girl and said that she would fulfill one of her wishes. The girl became very happy at first, but then she started to think: she had a lot of wishes and all of them were important for her. The girl thought for a long time, she could not choose just one – just then the kind enchantress said that she would kindly give her the fulfillment of one wish every day!

The girl became happier: now all her dreams would come true! She thanked the kind enchantress and ran home.

From that day she would wait for every morning with joy and enthusiasm: because one more dream would come true for her! The days passed and the dreams came true…

But….. soon the little girl realized that fulfillment of the wishes did not give her the joy and happiness which she had hoped for. Many wishes in fact brought her disappointment, and some even pain. Almost every dream was an empty little girl’s caprice. She realized that this was not what she had imagined.

The girl became sadder and sadder day by day as the wish-fulfillment did not bring any joy to her.

Soon she started to fear her own dreams.

So the girl went to the kind enchantress and asked her to take her terrible gift back. She was afraid to live, afraid to wake up every day, waiting for an imminent execution of another wish.

Crying, she asked the enchantress to fulfill only one more dream: to live as she had lived before and that her many wishes would remain only her wishes, from which she would select the ones she would bring into her life with her action.

The kind enchantress had mercy upon the little girl. She waved her magic wand and disappeared. The girl ran home.

She was happy, because she knew that now she would laboriously seek for her one big cherished dream, not wasting time with short-term, in fact, quite unnecessary whims.”

…… and the satisfaction and happiness she would gain from action and effort to achieve her dreams was all the gift she required now.

For she realized that true happiness came from the creativity and the doing that was within her control.

That was the ultimate gift…..

So….my New Years Resolutions are very simple….

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Enjoy the moment…

Remember its mostly the journey not the destination.

Build more pleasure to the ‘DOING’…

and… Be ME!

That’s what matters most.


The past year was filled with up’s and down’s for me and I was tested, battered and worn out in many ways… BUT I grew from it and mostly I was happy.

I was happy and I am happy because I am now able to be me. Not everyone may like me but I know the ones that do, do so because they like me and not a mask I put up.

Plus I am able to feel happiness in the simple things and in the doing.

How about you do the same this year?

How about you treat yourself with respect this year?

How about you enjoy the journey?

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I promise it is worth it!

Be a warrior of your dream,

a knight of your goal

and a soldier of your wishes!

Danielle x

Your Mind & Life Coach & NLP Trainer


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