Presumptions, premonitions and presuppositions!

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Two priests are standing at the side of a road, pounding a sign into the ground that reads;

The End Is Near! Turn Yourself Around Now — Before It’s Too Late!”

A car speeds by them and the driver yells …

Leave us alone, you religious nuts!

Just after the car rounds the bend they hear screeching of tires and then … a big splash.

One of the priests turns to the other and asks …

Oh – do you think we should have written instead … ‘Bridge Out’ ?


Have YOU ever jumped to conclusions? 😉

Often people who come to The Bootcamp or avail of my coaching services say stuff such as…. I thought this was going to be much harder, more like..’work’, I assumed you would do x, y. z……, I presumed you were all fluff without the practical…. I assumed I would struggle more…. I didn’t expect to change my mind so quickly…etc etc…!

As I often say…being wrong is oh so right!

Once we give up the illusion that all is as it seems and that maybe just maybe..our map of reality is NOT the territory…then we can grow and expand and take so much more in!

Are you ready to grow and expand YOUR mind and discover what is truly possible??

Are you ready to learn the secrets of language & communication skills and influence both in your inner world and the outer world?

Are you ready to let go of those old limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

Discover the power of presuppositions as opposed to premonitions and learn how tongue twisters can be useful! 😉

Both the next Blackbelt MasterMind Bootcamp and the next NLP Training are here!!

Starting on the 10th March – secure your spot today!

Here is what some of the last bunch said about it 🙂

I am so excited to meet you and explore your potential!

In the kind’time…keep dreaming big,

Danielle xx

Your Mind Coach & NLP Trainer

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