Some Success Stories . . .

Walk the Talk

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Ellen Kettle

I was introduced to Danielle by a family member who could see the struggle I was having with anxieties around driving. Experiencing fairly irrational fears and feelings of dread at the thought of any upcoming journey I was becoming more angry and upset with myself, which I now understand perpetuated the whole mental mess I was in. I had no expectations but thought I’ve nothing to lose by meeting up with this little dynamo.

After a warm introduction and chat Danielle said “let’s go for a walk”. The walk and talk. It was gentle, it was logical, it was so easy to follow, and just simply made sense. I can’t really articulate what it meant to drive away from an encounter with Danielle with no knotted stomach, no tension in the body and an easy mind.

Totally recommend her services to any person living with anxieties.

Lara van Bergen

Simple but amazingly powerful, learning new tools to take with you through life, for yourself and others.

Really enjoyed my walk the talk, incredibly energies. Many thanks Danielle

Gary O’Cinneide

I met Dannielle after a friends recommendation. I wouldn’t normally go and see someone I was unfamiliar with but if I hadn’t of met with Danielle I’m pretty sure I would still be the angry person I had previously been.

A brief history about myself involves me (now 36) having cancer since I was 20…so I pretty much hated the world and had to do something to change my life. DANIELLE was the answer I had been looking for. A lot of other people out there might be in a similar position as I was and I’d urge them to speak to someone such as Danielle, as she gave me a whole new outlook on my life. I used to spend all my time worrying and questioning everything and I didn’t have time to be happy and realise the support I had around me.

Since our meeting I have given up the burden of worrying and have now started doing normal things in life that people do and getting my life back together.

I hope others find their way to Danielle and would like to thank her for what she is done and I consider her to be an angel xx Gary

Mentorship Program

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Carina McEvoy

I recently finished a six months mentorship with Danielle and cannot recommend her highly enough.

With Danielle’s help I achieved all the goals I set out for myself. The biggest being setting up my own business. She helped me so much with my confidence and self belief. I could feel myself changing while being coached by Danielle. I think having done the NLP practitioners course really helped also. Having Danielle coach me through life after it was amazing, I was really able to hone in on my needs in life and how to achieve them. She changed my self talk, my language and my focus to a level that I genuinely do believe in myself now. And not only do I really believe in myself but I believe even more so now that we all have that amazing power within us to succeed at life!

Thank you Danielle, you are a wonderful coach, a wonderful friend and a wonder human being!

Emily Lavelle

Thanks to Danielle Serpico, I had a great year of mentoring with her.

I know how to move forward with my business so that I can achieve my goals. Additionally I much more confident and self-assurance when making business decisions. The ‘Walk the Talks’ were really great – not only is it a beautiful location but they also worked wonders at guiding me to achieve my goals. It was incredible as eventhough some tasks daunted me after the walk the talk they became manageable and achievable.

Thank you so much Danielle the year was transformational for me on both a personal and professional level.

The BootCamp

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Carol Noble

Danielle is amazing, so welcoming and inspirational. I attended her Blackbeltmastermind bootcamp and I loved every minute.

You will walk away not only feeling inspired but with the tools and tricks to help you change your life starting immediately.

Mary O’Leary

I just completed the Blackbelt mastermind NLP bootcamp. I really enjoyed it and found it really beneficial.

I now can identify the negative thoughts that sometimes take over and have strategies to change that. I have a new perspective on my life and where I want to go and want to thank Danielle Serpico for her amazing insight.

New things are coming my way

Gertie Drury O’Beirne

Thank you Danielle, on the delivery of the Blackbelt Mastermind Bootcamp. What a wonderful life changing course.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in developing, lasting, meaningful, personal growth.

If you get the opportunity to do this course, GRAB IT.

The NLP Practitoner Training

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Fabio Chuairi

We could have a 10 stars option, don’t you think so? I’ll talk to Zuckberg about it lol. Danielle is amazing, very professional and a lovely person, and she shows exactly how to teach you in a way that you don’t only understand it but also feel it.

If you want a high level result you’re in the right place, just go for it.

Sara T Moynihan

The course is a mind blowing journey to finding your true self. Discovering your strengths and weaknesses is a fantastic journey. You will change your outcomes by changing the way you think and asking better questions. You will learn how to be your own best friend and Councillor.

If you are in the business of helping others, this is the most excellent course you can do to learn to love and trust yourself to give your best to others.

I could go on and on. Thank you!

Cecilia Cecilia

I completed seven wonderful and eye opening days with Danielle on the NLP Practioner Course.

I seriously never thought that seven little days could have such a BIG impact. I have learned so much about myself and the world around me.

Things that seemed so difficult before are now made easier just because I have changed my way of thinking and I have started to ask myself better questions which to my surprise just changes my perspective of everything. As a primary school teacher I am very excited to go back to school and apply all I have learned, not only will it make me feel great but it will also benefit each and every individual child in my class.

I am forever grateful that Danielle has come into my life. I truly believe I found the BEST teacher.

MJ Feeney

Simply Life Changing – completed my NLP practitioner 7 day programme it was an absolutely awesome experience, learned and experienced so much in just 1 week.

I would highly recommend it to anyone be it for business or personal that are interested in living and helping others live a better and positive life.

Huge thanks to Danielle who really got the best out of everyone in the group, really excited about using my new mind in all aspects of my life

Patrick Mercie

I have never switched off from everything more consciously and subconsciously while being switched on at the same time; ever. I waited for years to do an NLP Prac for a reason. I must have wanted to study from the best. And it took me those years to find the best, the absolute treasure Danielle Serpico.

I am learning more about myself and life in these 7 days than in the previous 51 years. The method is innovative and refreshing. Less technique means better technique! Its all done to you for you, to digest better.

Everything changes without you knowing you are aware being more aware. As a Coach and human being this is literally the best thing I have ever done for myself, and for others.

Love you Danielle! I absolutely don’t know how I could ever be the same person again.