The 5 Steps to make your dream come true!

The 5 Steps to make your dream come true!

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YUP LOL! That is me…I know, I know, I look like a little urchin! 😉






Anyhow….. WAKE UP! 
Yes…as the saying goes ‘If you want to achieve your dream then you have to wake up!’
This is the fundamental difference between a dream and making it the reality.
A GOAL is a dream with a date and commitment to make it real!

If you want to make it come true then here are my Top 5 Steps –

1) Discover your Purpose ~
When I ask clients what is it that makes them happy, they often struggle to answer that question. Think about it. What makes you happy?
Sometimes that’s just too vague and too overwhelming for us to answer.
Sometimes, we have never even really asked this question!
However, if I change it slightly and ask you instead…..
What could you do right now that would make you feel better?
This is slightly different, right? You see our questions dictate our responses.
The first may have you looking for ‘WHAT’- something material, something specific in your past? The second will have you looking for ‘WHAT CAN YOU DO’ – a future action.
An event – and you process events very differently in your mind.

Most likely, It’s not material things you will miss when you leave this earth but it will be people. Most likely, it wont be not having had more cars, clothes or jewelry you will regret not having had BUT experiences.
Travelling, sharing time with your loved ones, making a difference.
This is what you might regret not having done more of.

This is a great article on ‘The Science of Why you should spend your Money on Experiences not things.’

When we have experiences, we feel connected. Our emotions are high. These emotions fire huge neural pathways in our brains and keep these experiences as VIP events for us. Experience is what makes us. It’s what forms us.

So now you are thinking and focusing in the right direction on what could make you feel happier, now…think about what could make you feel really happy!
What would give you goose-pimples?

Think BIG! Be wild with your imagination. If you could DO anything, what would it be? Is it something that will impact on others lives? Does it make a difference to the world? To your loved ones, to your children?
Find your passion – your PURPOSE.
Read ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Viktor Frankl.

Once you have this, you have lit the fire! You have put the wheels in motion and you will be propelled forward!

2) Know your dream!
Do you sometimes wake up knowing you had been having a great dream but you cant remember what is was about? Well, if you want to take steps to make it come true then you need to know what it is!
Unfortunately, often we don’t even know.
How can you get somewhere if you don’t even know where you are going?!

Okay, so now you have figured out your purpose – what gives you goose-bumps- you can put a plan into action! You know your big WHY and you just need to figure out HOW. FOCUS ON THE END first!

What is the Ultimate Outcome of this big dream?
Write down the ULTIMATE goals you want to achieve until you have got to the one that gets the hair on your arm standing on end. Now you know your destination!

Lie back now and VISUALIZE it so that you really FEEL you have achieved it.
Make sure you feel the emotions you would feel if you had really done this.
(At my next Bootcamp (there is still time for you to join) I will explain more about how this tricks your brain into action!)
Now that you know your destination, you are on your way!
Oh and Congratulations!! You are now in the

Top 3% of the population that has actually written their goals! 

Now you are going to PLAN THE STEPS but instead of starting at the beginning you are going to start at the end.
Get your piece of paper with your end goal on it.
It should have a date on it. So let’s say it is one year from now.
Work backwards to 11th months. Write down where you should be at this stage that is going to get you to your desire goal one month from now.
Go back to 10 months, then 9, then 8 and so on.
After 1st month break it down even more. Write 2 weeks, 1 week, 1 day from now.
Now write what you can do IMMEDIATELY, right now, to get you closer to next step.

You see experience tells us working backwards is MUCH easier.
It is less overwhelming. Science has shown that once we visualize the end goal and imagine the steps we have taken to get there, this also has a huge effect on our unconscious.
Once you know that your unconscious does not know the difference between what is real or imagined and is in fact controlling approximately 93% of your decisions then this information all starts to make sense!
So go plan your backward steps!

4) Step outside your Comfort zone and take ACTION right NOW!
DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING JUST RIGHT NOW to move you one teensy ‘eensy bit closer!
You have probably heard of the Fight or Flight Response well it is actually the fight, flight or freeze response. If you don’t take action you WILL freeze. Action will propel action and Inaction is also an ‘action’ or rather a CHOICE. It will have consequences and will breed more inaction.
Your unconscious will process it as a CHOICE and a habit will form. Your neural pathways will grow and it form a pattern. When you create your Goal, DO something!

Start very small. Decide to do/think/say something right now that will inch you towards your goal. Take small, easy, fun,manageable steps. It does not have to be overwhelming. The slightest change in course will lead you to your new destination as long as you are CONSISTENT!

BE Proactive in all little ways. Every day. Educate your brain and tell it YOU are in control. When you have to make a decision, do son fast. Choose your meal, film, clothes etc quickly.

Don’t procrastinate. Create the culture of quickly and easily taking action on little things and you will create a habit for life and will take action much faster on bigger things.
EVERYDAY do something that scares you a wee bit!
Stretch your comfort zone!
Remember..Life begins at the END of your comfort zone!

5) Surround yourself with the right help!
It is said ‘You are the Sum of the five people you spend the most time with’.
Take stock of that and think about how these people influence and affect you every day. If they are a negative, detrimental influence, I am not saying you have to immediately necessarily disassociate from these people, I know its not always that simple. BUT I am saying you need to be aware of it.
Maybe you can learn how to influence them?
Maybe you can spend more time with others?

For you to grow you need to be with people who will help push you. Who will understand you and relate to what you want. People who will help push your comfort zone and help keep you accountable.

If you need to free yourself of Limiting Beliefs then you need to ask the right questions.
The people in this circle may know this or you can learn the right questions to ask.
Ask me! I will help you –  it’s what I do!
Or come to my Bootcamp and meet your new tribe – they will help!!

I look forward to hearing of your journey,
Danielle x
Your Mind & Life Coach
As always I love to hear from you!
Contact me HERE xx

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