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You will not alter the hum-drum ways of your life unless you are prepared to make the effort to change, and Danielle Serpico will help you take that first step outside of your comfort zone and guide you stage by stage to the next level, showing you how to analyse what you have been doing, and teaching you how to take greater control of your life and change it for the better.

Danielle has been successful in business and is also a black belt in martial arts;

Therefore she knows how to fight in business, and in the ring.

Danielle is also aware that if knocked down, to get back up and fight harder.

Along with the many experts in their various fields of study whom she has trained with, she passes on her experience in this easy to read book “The Blackbelt Mastermind” Presenting simple exercises which will help you to develop a greater command of what you do, and teaching you how to express yourself in a more articulate manner.

You will also learn how to remain focused on what you do.

This book is plain and simple common sense reading where you will realise that you are responsible for placing the limits on your ability, and Danielle will assist you in removing those limitations.

From one black belt to another; Danielle your fighting spirit, courage and tenacity have paid off; Congratulations on a wonderful informative book.

Tommy Jordan 10th Degree Grand Master Kenpo Karate

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