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I’m afraid in case I fail……

This is it. Plain and simple in a nutshell.

I hear this time and time again. In fact it is what is often playing in people’s heads even when not spoken out loud.

How does this sentence serve you? Does it? I guess you might say it protects you from getting hurt, embarrassed, ridiculed or simply feeling a fool….
I know it’s been said before but think about it ~ which is worse ~ doing your best or never trying at all?


You know the answer deep down.

‘Not knowing’ can stifle, anger, frustrate and in fact slowly kills you.
So slowly that you never see it coming!
Holding back is not who you are at your very core. You KNOW this.

You are deserving of so much more.
You deserve to use that body and mind of yours to the full, while you have the chance. That is what YOU (a spectacular human) is born to do!
To grow, to evolve, to stimulate and be stimulated. To inspire.

But to inspire others you must first be inspired.
You do this by dreaming big. This is how your future will be manifested.

It ALWAYS starts from within. Your mind is your canvas for life.
Your imagination will set the process in motion and charge your neurology so it sets its course.

Have you done this yet?

Next time you have a dream and hold back, think why are you doing that.
What are you actually focusing on? Success or Failure?

It’s simple…you get more of what you focus on, so if you focus on the failing what do you think will be more likely to happen?

Ah yes you say…but that is just practical thinking! No it’s not..
Practical thinking is ..thinking of the potential obstacles and HOW you can plan to overcome them. Now, that’s practical!

The rest is a matter of chance..or is it? 😉

Remember to Dream Big this week and watch what happens,
Danielle xxx

Your Life & Mind Coach & NLP Trainer

Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland and the world through Skype!

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