So..last night there was a LOT of noise!

I was up at my Radio Show RadioMasterMind, and somehow, the alarm for the building went off. At first, I thought it was some sort of interference (as I could hear it through the headphones) but when I took them off, and the noise got louder, I realised it was the building’s alarm.

Anyhow… it was a false alarm – pardon the pun – nothing serious! I recomposed myself and reassured my guest and went back to the show. As they say..the show must go on!

What was ironic was, we had just been discussing ‘noise’ in our head. THAT elusive chatter, that sometimes we notice and sometimes we don’t.

How is your internal chatter today? Have you paid any conscious attention to it?

Have you brought it into your awareness?

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Anyhow, today, in contrast, I am back in Wexford, in my new home, in the country.

It is my first real day alone and it has been VERY strange for me. I have found it very hard to settle!

I think it’s the…. silence. Funny that.

I feel restless. On edge. My thoughts seem very loud in my head and it’s got me wondering….

Do we often miss what’s going on inside because of the incessant noise outside? Do we in fact perhaps sometimes even use outside distractions to avoid self analysation?

I have realised after eight full hours wandering aimlessly around the house, that I certainly do at times. I am glad I realise it! Knowing has helped me in a funny way acknowledge it and hence relax. I am finally writing this to you, for the first time today, feeling calm.

It has taken a while. At first the silence was deafening! And my thoughts screamed out even louder. What will I do here? I’m in the middle of nowhere! What if …. I have an accident? … mmmmm….. Great plan ‘ay?

Okay, so I have calmed my thoughts!

Now, I am enjoying sitting out in the garden watching the sun start to set. It really is very peaceful and beautiful. The silence is now helping me slow down and reflect a little deeper than usual.

How often do you give yourself that time, just to sit, just to think, just to BE in silence?

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I now feel refreshed, alert, recharged. I feel like I can see clearer and my attention is sharper!

In fact studies show that spending time in silence is very good for your brain and has a significant effect on your stress levels and well being. This article explains how it actually helps grow new brain cells!

I guess it’s win-win so…

sunset nlp training courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermindTomorrow I will be back into the ‘noise’ and busy with meetings, clients and working on my upcoming Workshops but for now…

I’m going out… to water my plants and watch the sun set over the Blackstairs Mountains… 🙂

Enjoy the silence and listen to what your soul has to say,


Danielle x

Your Mind & Life Coach & NLP Trainer.

Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford ~ Ireland.