The Top 5 Tips for a Happy Mind!

The Top 5 Tips for a Happy Mind!

happy brain nlp mentor trainer courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermindSo today I learn’t that time does indeed fly when having fun! I have been racing around for the past 14 hours and it feels like two. Let me tell you the reason.

…. It’s all down to… being in GREAT company 😉


justin nlp training courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermind

I am spending the weekend at a training I organized with a great friend who also happens to be an incredible Hypnotist, all the way from Las Vegas.

He is a regular on TV and you can catch him most recently on the IKEA adds. He is also mentioned in my book ‘The Blackbelt Mastermind’ of course and has a testimonial on the back cover.

Anyhow as expected my day has been – Tranz-formational!


It is actually my third time training with the wonderful Justin Tranz, so I took the liberty of cheekily sneaking out for a couple of hours and racing across town to my double scheduled (oops!) interview in the presence of the wonderful golden curls of Kelly from Upstarts on 103 Dublin City FM.

So, the time flew by in there also and before I knew it my half hour slot was up and the news was on. I had been working with a lovely lady with a lilting Scottish accent I had just met and I had just finished a little ‘exercise’ with her to change her negative emotions.  You can read what happened on the RADIO site with the blog she wrote on it!

beautiful life nlp training courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermind


I was also ‘supposed‘ to mention my –

5 KEY TIPS to a happier Mindset … but with all my blabbing, time got the better of me.

So, I will practice shutting up now .. lol, so you can read these….here they are now!


MASTER-ful Awareness –

In my book I talk about Masterful Attitude Strength & Tenacity Equals Results….  3/4 of the journey is Self Awareness. Whether you call this Mindfulness, Awareness, Self Reflection or Tiddlywinks – it doesn’t really matter. The KEY is to cultivate this and practice it daily and to remember YOU are in control of your ship NOT the other way around.

You get more of what you focus on! – 

Just like the saying… Where your focus goes – energy flows. Experience shows this to be true time and time again. Just like the new car you got or the cute red dress. Once you got it you start to spot others with the same one – because you were looking for it. If you want  more happiness then look for that. If you want more sadness do the same. Simple as that.

Whether you think you can or can’t your right – 

Again it may sound cliche but it is fact. Your mind works for you, so remember this. Think of your brain as Google. If you type ‘How to be happy‘ in Google, what comes up? Is it answers for how to make Spaghetti Bolognese? Nope. Is it even answers for how to be sad? No – at least.. definitely not at the top. If you type in ‘How to be sad‘, you get results for ‘How to be sad‘! Right? …Right!

Your brain works the same way. It’s your computer and it will search for the answers for you. So if you say you cant do something, it will search for all the answers, using all its tricks from Confirmation Bias to prove you right. If you say you can, it will look for all the evidence to say you can! So get your Google using this psychological tool to your advantage. Pay special attention to the things you CAN do and watch your life transform!

Watch your words! –

Your words have power, even before you have even uttered them! Once you say something inside your head, it has caused a reaction, so pay attention. If you say something negative, your mind will take heed. Your unconscious mind (which is around 93%) cannot process a negative. Therefore, if you say something like ‘I wont think about that cigarette, that packet of biscuits, my ex boyfriend,’ etc etc…it will actually DO just that. Think about it!

Just like the …elephant – dont think about him. You gotta first think about him first to not think about him! Got it? It’s down to our ‘MONITOR’. It’s watching out for us. For danger. If you say ‘I wont think about x’, its got to go there and think about it first to know what to watch out for.

Also, once you speak these words, you are doubly sollidifying it. You are confirming it and hardwiring those neural pathways. So take heed. Pay attention to the language you use and be aware of how literal your unconscious mind is. It will take your words seriously – so …. so should you!

Start with the end in mind –

Think of the last time you had a dream. Did you feel sad, scared, happy, really good? Chances are you have had a dream at some point where you have felt emotion. I’m betting you have! …. Let me ask you this…. How come you felt emotion even though it was only a dream? …. BECAUSE…your unconscious mind does not know the difference between whats real or imagined.

This is KEY! … Now let me ask you this. Someone won the Euromillions tonight. How dissapointed are you? Now…. lets say you had bought a ticket and your numbers came up BUT you LOST the ticket!! How dissapointed do you feel now?? I’m pretty sure you feel much more dissapointed now! This is LOSS Bias in action.

Once we believe something was ours but we lost it, we want it back. Just look at all the millionaires who loose their fortunes but regain them soon after. They have a hidden drive, right?! Also, we believe it is easier, because we had it already, we achieved it already. Easier to do a second time.

EXACTLY the same with our minds 😉

Want something? Want more motivation to achieve your goals? 

Then, DO it internally first by VISUALIZING with LOTS of peak emotions and wonderful feelings. Now, the wheels are in motion. Now your on your way already because your unconscious mind is tricked into believing its ALREADY happened!

Remember, everything is created twice!

First in the inside world and then the outer.

(HERE is What NOT to do!)

So… time to get going on your dreams and making them real.

be happy nlp training courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermind

I’m starting now by getting some zzzzz’s and dreaming big! Tomorrow is another day with Justin Tranz 😉

Enjoy the journey,

Danielle x


Your life & Mind Coach & NLP Trainer

Wicklow, Dublin, Ireland & the world through Skype!

** PS: Join me at the next Breakthrough Bootcamp in Dublin! **


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