The top 5 ways to make you more UNPRODUCTIVE!

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Recently I had a second interview with the super productive Fiona Quinn on her ‘Advice for writers’ Blog page – Check it out here! ThrillWriting – We have a lot in common with a love of writing and the martial arts world. What I most admire is her ability to get so much content out there. She’s incredible! Anyhow… we spoke about having the mindset of a fighter, having Eagle vision and keeping our minds open.

It got me thinking about her mindset and that of other successful and very productive people. What is the difference between some?

What makes one person spend their day getting nothing done and another appearing to be able to stop time with the amount of work they get achieved?

Why do some people genuinely feel they are doing their best but nothing much comes to fruition from their labor?

This is what experience has shown me unproductive people do –

How many of these can you tick off? 😉

1 – Make excuses!

As long as you complain, whine, blame something or someone else you will never take responsibility and as long as you do that, you will never be productive. To be fully productive you need to commit! The real difference between winning and loosing, between accomplishing or not, is down to your decision to fully commit or..not. If you keep a ‘victims’ mindset – ‘its not my fault’, ‘my job’, ‘my problem’, etc etc, the results will never happen. If your looking for excuses and want to keep being unproductive then check these out… 10 Excuses Unproductive people use!

If instead you want to make a change and want to get stuff done, then make the decision to do so! I know I have said it before but if you don’t plan you plan to fail!  If you don’t create the result in your mind first, you will never actually get there. Everything you see that is man made was created twice. First in the inside world and then in the outside. You need a blueprint, a map, a plan. If you get in your car how can you know how to get somewhere if you don’t know the destination? You will keep going around in circles ..not very productive is it? So commit to taking action today and in so doing you have done the inside job already. Your half way there 😉

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2 – Plan to fail!

Yup.. I did say planning to fail and I know that seems odd. Science tells us that our brains or rather our unconscious mind (which is 93% of your mind and dictates your decisions) will simply do as asked. It is not analytical, critical or discerning as the 7% which is your conscious mind. Your unconscious simply does its job! What does this mean?

Let me give you an analogy. If you want the answer to a question and you go onto Google. Lets say the question is to do with loosing weight and you want tips and ideas how to do so. Are you more likely to type a question such as ‘How can I loose weight?‘ or ‘How can I keep myself fat?‘ – probably the first question, right? Why? Because you ask the question knowing the direction of the answers and what it will lead you to.

Now what happens next? The ‘web spiders’ get to work looking for the answers and keep searching until they find the most relevant stuff. Google does not differentiate or debate your question. The computer wont challenge you and say ‘Hey you..that’s not the most productive question to get you a good result! Let me tell you whats better…‘ It simply does its job and whats asked! Your brain works the same way.

Unproductive people unconsciously plan to fail. They have simply asked their Google’ – their unconscious mind, the wrong questions. So your unconscious gets to work and does its job. It keeps looking for the answers to what you asked and what you have stated. It wants to please you and fulfill your request – hence the quote…Whether you think you cant or think you can, you are right!’ 

If you fear failure and are thinking about how your day, week, project, job can and will go wrong, your loyal servant (your unconscious) will get to work on fulfilling your request.

Therefore, its simple. Be careful of what you think and what you plant in your unconscious. If you want to succeed more then …plan to succeed! Dream big!

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Read my Blog on what I dreamed big about at the end of last year and what came true!


3 – Don’t prioritize!

If you want to be really inefficient and unproductive then don’t prioritize. As I said above if you don’t plan then you will not succeed. Yes, a plan – a list of tasks is essential firstly but you need more than that. Lets say you are visiting a city for a day and you write a list of the top 5 places you want to see in this day.

Which is more productive and will give you a better chance of seeing all five? Blindly walk around looking for the places on your list or planning a route in advance? If you start with the nearest and move to the next spot might be more efficient than back tracking and walking miles back and forth passing other spots on your list along the way…right? Also, lets say their is one which has the longest queue but you know its also the biggest tourist attraction – the most important one. Maybe its wise to get that one done so first, while your fresh and feeling ready. Its the same with your tasks.

DO the most important task first! In fact even if that’s the one you are most dreading, still – do it first. You will appreciate this later. Otherwise you will procrastinate over and over and just like ‘fight or flight‘ mode (in a dangerous situation) delaying will only cause you to flood with adrenaline and slow down more. You got to take action! Read my blog on ‘Making your dream come true‘ also!

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Again our mind works in mysterious ways. Science shows that the nearer we get to an object when picking it up the faster our hands move. Therefore, the more we do, the closer we get to our goals, our results, the faster we work!


Simply put… Inaction breeds inaction and action fuels more action! 


4 – Have lots of distractions!

A super easy way to be really unproductive is to have lots of distractions. Want to get nothing done? Keep all your tabs open on your computer, your email and your social media platforms! Not only that but put on some distracting music, work somewhere with lots going on and the messier your environment..the better 😉 Here is another Blog I wrote on  ‘HOW to Sabotage your Goals’.

Of course I am being a little playful here ..but seriously how does this work?

Our minds do something neurologically which is called PRIMING. Simply put our environment and what we see unconsciously affects us hugely and often so much more than we think. If you want to be unproductive than you want to feel bad first. Bad states lead to bad decisions.

To feel bad you want to make your environment as detrimental as possible. If you put negative associations around such as bad news in the paper, on the radio, a mess in the kitchen and even actions such as eating unhealthily – this will all lead you to be primed in a negative way. Your unconscious will feel all is doom and gloom, messy, distracting and that you don’t really value yourself and so hence it wont either. That’s priming in a nutshell.

focus nlp mentor trainer courses ireland neuro linguistic programming blackbelt mastermindWant to Prime yourself in a positive way? Than change the above. Tidy your environment, stick up feel good quotes, hang a mood board with your vision on it and look after yourself! Your unconscious will notice this, see that you are valuing yourself and react accordingly, giving you more feel good chemicals in your brain and more motivation in your belly!


5 – Multitask!

Now of course I am aware that there are many things that have to get done and yes, you have to do them..but can you really do more than one thing at a time?

In fact experts agree that there is in fact no such thing as multi-tasking. Its actually called task shifting and can be damaging to your brain as your conscious brain cannot in fact do more than one thing at any time! Unproductive people are great at mastering this. They flick back and forth between one job and another never really getting anything done properly – and how could they?

Again using the analogy of a journey and a destination… if you want to get somewhere, if you keep backtracking and changing your mind and your course, it is going to take you a lot longer to get anywhere… right?

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In more grandiose terms we hear it said ‘Jack of all trades and master of none.’


It’s funny, in the martial arts world I have heard of many so called Masters – 10th Degrees and the likes in many various art forms… mmmm, I can’t help but wonder how is that possible? I gained a black belt and it took some work to get! They say it takes over 10, 000 hours to become an expert at something, that to me means dedication and commitment.

Its the same with any task, no matter how small.

Focus only on one thing at a time. Commit to this. Make a mental deadline. See it at its end result stage in your minds eye and keep focused on that until you get it in the outside world – then… move on to the next!

Let me know how you get on,

and remember it’s your choice which direction you take 😉

Enjoy the journey!

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