The Top 7 Ways to Master your Mind for Success!

The Top 7 Ways to Master your Mind for Success!

1) Being Grateful

This may seem a little ‘corny’ to some and if you are of the ‘practical/ sceptical’ minded sort, like me, then let me tell you why this really works. We get more of what we focus on…right?? (I have said this before!)

So, therefore it makes sense that if we practice daily focusing on what we are grateful for we will start to notice all the abundance and beauty around us. Simply clear, logical, practical advice. Keep a journal or notepad by your bedside and jot down at night, before you go to sleep, what you were grateful for. Watch how your list gets bigger daily!

2) Planning in advance

This is actually nearly like the opposite to above. Every morning before you get up, write 3 things that you WILL be grateful for that day. Strange yes? Well actually again it makes good common sense. When you write it down in advance you are sending a very powerful message to your brain and more specifically your unconscious (which I am sure you know by now is most of, in fact 93%, of your mind). This means that your brain will be searching through out the day (unaware to your conscious mind) for affirmation and justification of what you wrote. It wants to be right you see. It will search until it finds reason to feel grateful as you had requested and then you will feel good – queue the serotonin and happy dopamine 🙂

3) Become aware

Take notice of what you do and say – both out loud and in your head. Pay special attention to anything that you repeatedly do. Next time you notice yourself saying something negative to yourself, tell the voice in your head to ‘shut up’, Detaching yourself from yourself as in the 1st party gives you more control to look at your emotions and thoughts from an observers point of view. It will help you think logically without being ruled by insensible emotions.

4) Notice the patterns

Your brain LOVES patterns. Anything you do or say repeatedly becomes hardwired. This means if you want to change a habit it has got a big well trafficked neural pathway going in your brain. To change it you need to replace it with something else. The good news is that you can change patterns in an instant if you know how.

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In the meantime start with this.

Notice what you started off as small and became bigger.

In other words..

* Did you start with a little white lie and then suddenly you were always lying?

* Did you start to use foul language and then realize one day you were always using it?

* Did you chastise yourself a few times and now you feel constantly depressed?

What happened is you stretched those neural pathways and made them highways. To change it, you first notice it (hence looses a lot of its strength) and then replace it with another habit that gives you a similar reward. There is always a pay off. Find out what it is for you.

5) Create NEW Patterns With the same principle, start off small and build up the new pattern. Start with a 10 minute walk daily and build to an hour. Start with an apple a day and work up to eating healthily. Start with smiling and writing your gratitude list so as you become a happy person. Get the gist?

6) Kid your brain

Your unconscious does not know the difference between what is real or imagined. I know I keep harping on about this but it is probably the biggest and most powerful piece of information I can give you. This is a GIFT! This means when you visualize with intent, in other words with real, genuine heart felt emotion, your unconscious thinks it happened for real. What does that mean?? Think of something you felt nervous of doing (yep fear of the unknown) but once you did it, you thought, ‘wow, that wasn’t a big deal after all!’ okay? So, if you had done it once than it is easier to do again, yes? YES! Exactly 🙂 Next time you have an interview, important meeting, hot date, etc…go through it in your head and feel how wonderfully it all goes. Enjoy it right through, playing it out exactly how you want it to happen. Notice when it happens then ‘again’ for real, how eerily familiar it seems as it all happens exactly according to plan.

7) DO it anyway

Next time you feel scared or indecisive, do it anyway. Our decision ‘muscle’ needs practice. If we constantly doubt ourselves and never take action for one reason or another, it becomes harder, because our unconscious thinks it is not safe to trust ourselves.

Next time you have to make a decision, just choose something, regardless of being unsure. The act of doing will propel you. Next time you feel unmotivated to go and do exercise, just sit up and put your runners on, then see how you feel 🙂

P.S: Did you know that when you move your hand to pick up something, the nearer you get to it, the faster your hand moves? You see, action propels us nearer and nearer to our goal.

Take action today and Master your mind!
As Aristotle once said…

‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act therefore but a habit.’

Practice good habits and you will achieve excellence!

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To your success and happiness,

Danielle x

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