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This is it! The ultimate Retreat to change your life!

The Next Blackbelt Mastermind event is now coming to Wexford !!

An intensive, enlightening and rejuvenating weekend Retreat in a very special place!

NEXT ONE COMING SOON!!! Please email me to Book!

Perfect for YOU, as a present for your loved one OR Both of YOU!!!

This is truly self-defence for mind, body and soul….

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Full of motivational speaking, practical work for implementation, fun interaction, mindfulness, self-defence, Tai-chi, Neuro-Linguistic techniques and strategies…and also some pampering and surprises!

With the help of cutting edge NLP and the M.A.S.T.E.R (TM) System, created by your host and Mind Coach Danielle Serpico (Author of ‘The Blackbelt Mastermind’) you will learn how to become the Blackbelt of your mind and ultimately gain a better and more fulfilled life.

Masterful attitude, strength and tenacity equal results…..

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  • Are you looking to make big changes this year?
  • Would you like to know more about yourself and how your mind works?
  • Have you got an idea but don’t know how to go forward from here?
  • Would you simply like more confidence or self belief to help you move on?
  • Would some ‘space’ and time for yourself help you?

Then this is the time that YOU need to put aside just for you!

  • This is when you will learn how you work, your strategies, your habits and how you sabotage various elements of your life.
  • You will rid yourself of negative, self sabotaging beliefs and useless strategies so that you are free to concentrate on the things that will enhance your life.
  • This is when you also learn the skills and techniques as to how to change these habits and kick start healthier and more beneficial patterns.

    YOU will take back control, plan out your future timeline and take action on your big idea!!!

    On completing this course you will also receive Certification to The Blackbelt Mastermind Academy! – And very Special access to a private FB group!

    Also it confirms your Introduction to NLP with The Society of NLP and is ‘Phase 1’ of getting Accredited Certification as an NLP Practitioner!

    NB: (This certificate is valid for enrollment into The Blackbelt Mastermind NLP Practittioner course with a €100 Discount! * To be redeemed in 1 Year)

Okay Soooo NOW…….

What’s REALLY extra special about this event is WHERE it is being held….

This is VERY special!

Imagine the most beautiful, grandiose yet intimate stately Manor hidden away amongst acres and acres of spectacular gardens…..

Well that’s where you will be staying!!

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Included in your Package is-

* Your overnight stay on the Saturday night at Ballinkeele House, Enniscorthy, Wexford.

See more about this incredible home here…. http://www.ballinkeele.ie/

* It also includes a Candlelit 3 Course Meal & Tea or Coffee in the exquisite Dining room on the Saturday eve!

* Plus Lunch on both days and extra special Tea breaks!

All hosted by the superb and gracious Laura and Val Maher, the proprietors of this special home.

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Later in the eve you can relax by the fire before retiring to your room.

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This is specifically a small intimate group in a very private setting so that you can get the most benefit from the weekend.

* The Saturday will consist primarily of The Blackbelt Mastermind Syllabus.

* The Sunday instead will be a little different and starts off with some very special pampering….

* Discover how Aromatherapy can enrich your life with Holos Skincare creator and Natural Health Therapist Niamh Hogan.

Enjoy chats, massage, essential oils and relaxation to kick start your day! ….and YES its for MEN also! http://www.holos.ie/

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* After this your day will consists of more ‘kicks’ with…..

* A Self defence Workshop, a wonderful and inspiring walk on the Ballinkeele land and then some Tai-chi to get you really ready to take on the world again!

Imagine how much clearer, refreshed and focused you will be after these two days…

You will leave having made new friends, new goals and a new and brighter understanding of your mind!

Life will never be the same!

Contact Danielle today to find out more about how to qualify to attend this Weekend and change your life OR go straight to the bottom of this page and grab your spot before its gone!!! ***

Below are a couple of testimonials from the last Event!

I honestly did not know what to expect when I signed up to the Blackbelt Mastermind Course. Quite simply, I was blown away by the course content, by the participants and most importantly Danielle Serpico. Before the day of the course, Danielle was able to meet my needs (I’m visually impaired) and made me feel most welcome and very comfortable. During the course, she helped me adjust to my environment and if she could not, she asked someone else to help me. Since the course, we have been in contact. I really believe I have made a wonderful friend for life.

In relation to the course content, it was a breath of fresh air. No need to read any other self-help books. Danielle covers it all and the tools she presented to the group are simply empowering and life changing. My self-esteem and confidence have been at rock-bottom. But Danielle and her course has put an end to that. I would have been sceptical to think things could change so quickly. But I feel so wonderful knowing that I have a bright future ahead, because it is my choice and that I can achieve that. The group of participants were wonderful too. We laughed and cried together, and shared our dreams – a very humbling experience. The message of Danielle’s course was abundantly evident – we have the ability to change our lives for the better! – Carol B.


Hey Danielle, I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for a brilliant day on Saturday. I really enjoyed it and I can honestly say I feel so much better.

I learnt so much about how I can reach my goals, make them manageable and achievable!! I have so much more focus and clarity about where I want to be in the future.
The day made me think about things that I never even considered before, things I never thought about really!! The final exercise of the day really freaked me out, I saw myself in a wedding dress, with kids and really happy!! It was amazing!!
I have a whole new thinking on everything, I held onto a lot of anger from the past, relived it everyday, spent hours beating myself up about things that is should have done, should have said.
I am now so excited about my future!!! I have always been very forward thinking, thinking out side the box!! Friends have called me alternative and weird, before I thought this was a negative thing but now I get that it’s just me and that really their opinion should not have hurt and confused me so much!!! When I got back to Galway I went out with these same friends and I told them I’m delighted that I’m alternative and weird!! They never even knew that it bothered me so much about what they said nearly 2 years ago and obviously were quiet shocked!!!
I tried changing myself so I could be like them, ” more mainstream”, their words not mine!!! I gave it a go but it didn’t work out obviously because I wasn’t being the person I wanted to be!!!
I could go on all day about what I learnt!!! My date for one of my goals is set and the plan is in place!!! I literally think I am a different person in the best way after just one day with Bootcamp!! Thank you so much, Shauna M.


Thank you very much Danielle for a wonderful bootcamp!I found the day really interesting, inspiring and educational. I went home thinking about Pink Elephants, things that go bump in the night and icebergs. I loved the emotional, personal influence you brought to the day. That allowed the rest of us to open up without fear of being judged.
I learnt about what made me special and how to relate to that – even in this world of pessimistic nay sayers. And I learnt that I cry a lot – when I am happy, when I am sad and when I think about my kids full stop!A great day – thank you, Jillian G xx
Hi Danielle, thank you for such a great day on Saturday, I really enjoyed 🙂 Some things I got from the day:
+ New thinking from that ‘the map is not the territory’ statement, its such a powerful analogy.
+ Some things really clicked with regards to the ‘mind doesn’t know the difference between whats real & imagined’ – I’ve been doing on & off the morning gratitude list for things that have yet to happen – but I wasn’t really linking the two before now.
– visualizing so vividly that you almost get goose-pimples – this really hit home there on Saturday.
+ Love the statement ‘failure takes adequate planning’ – I’ve been planning all my life for this…..up until now.. !!!
Thanks again, and talk soon, Justin L.
Danielle, your preparation for the course, your energy, stamina and depth of knowledge of the subject and of people was astounding! I got so much out of the day! Susan D.

First of all, I would like to thank one and all in the group for their honesty, it was a very emotionally charged day for all of us in a safe environment. Danielle, you were inspirational, so driven with amazing focus! I loved your honesty and your real approach. What really struck a chord with me was how you simplified what all the books are trying to achieve…. ie the secret etc…and stressed the importance of active visualization and how to put this into practice. I can honestly say I walked away after the course completely charged up and ready to take on the world with the belief that I will achieve this. Thanks for your support, you really are an inspiration. Maebhe C.

Read more testimonials here!

Weekend starts at 9am on Saturday and finishes Sunday at 6pm.

All meals in between included plus one night stay on the Saturday at http://www.ballinkeele.ie/the-house , Enniscorthy, County Wexford.

NEXT ONE COMING SOON!!! Please email me to Book!