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The Happiness Blab!

Welcome to The Happiness Blab where Jillian Godsil and myself get together and talk happiness, laugh loads and make some ridiculous claims! Two laughing heads are greater than the sum of their parts (that’s a direct quote from her, so you can see where we are heading…)

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Monday October 5, 2015

Topic: Begins with Jordan Belfort but very quickly skews off to cover issues such as can one be both bad and happy? Is goodness the prerequisite condition for happiness? Does Danielle really get drunk on just one beer? Why is Jillian finding it hard to type on her laptop? And does Danielle need glasses? (hint – Pearl might think so).

Watch this nail biting stuff NOW!

Monday October 12, 2015

Today I was in the hot seat and we started talking happiness before we were sidetracked or front-tracked into a couple of really interesting questions:

  1. How important is body language for communication?
  2. Just who takes part in those pesky questionnaires that produce those equally pesky statistics
  3. And Do You Trust Me?


Monday 26th Oct –

Myself & Jillian discussing our recent trip to Sligo and the ‘Get up and Go‘ Event!


Monday 16th November –

‘Who are you when you think no one is watching??’

I think I am the only one to ‘fess up! lol …oh and you get to see the debut of my pups on camera! 😉